Details of some of the  reports, publications and presentations by SEA are:


  • Recommended Modalities to Operationalise Nepal Energy Challenge Fund, 2019
  • Case Studies on power from municipal solid waste, agro-waste, kitchen waste in Resource Recovery from waste: Business Models for Energy, Nutrient and Waste Water Reuse in Low-and Middle-income Countries, 2018;
  • Study of Net-metering of solar rooftops in South Asia, 2016
  • Somalia: Renewable Resources Assessment, 2015
  • Malawi: Renewable Energy Based Rural Mini-grids Project Document, UNDP, 2014
  • Afghanistan Sustainable Energy for Rural Development (ASERD), UNDP, 2014
  • Technical Inputs on Positive List of Technologies for Additionality of Small-Scale CDM Projects, UNFCCC, 2013
  • Lesotho Renewable Energy Policy (LesREP), Africa Adaptation Programme/UNDP, 2013
  • Project Document - Lesotho Energy Alternatives Programme (LEAP), UNDP Lesotho, 2013
  • Energy Alternatives to Charcoal: Findings and Proposals, UNDP Somalia, 2012;
  • International Environmental Finance Linkages, UNDP Somalia, 2012;

Presentations Panel discussions

  • Understanding Sustainable Energy Solutions Conference, Nakuru, December 2017
  • Panels on Climate Finance and Clean Cooking, Asia Clean Energy Forum 2015, Manila, June 2015
  • UNDP Climate Responsive Budgeting Workshop, Bangkok, November 2014
  • UNEP Asia-Pacific Workshop on Climate Finance,  Bangkok, August 2014
  • Panel on Financing Energy Access, Asia Clean Energy Forum 2013, Manila, June 2013
  • Energy Access Pratitioners Workshop, Phnom Penh, March 2013
  • Renewable Energy 2030 - Experts Visions, University of Oldenburg, Oldenburg, October 2012.
  • Strategies to Scale-up Energy Efficiency, Fuelling the Future with Energy Efficiency, IEA-METI, Tokyo, May 2012;
  • Low-Carbon Policy Choices in the Developing World, Rgional and Global Climate Change: Physical Observations and Policy Choices, IICEC, Instambul, March 2012;

Books and Chapters

  • Binu Parthan, 2017, Financing Energy Access in Asia, In: Bhattacharya, Subhes C ed. Routledge Handbook of Energy in Asia, Routledge
  • Orange Deals: Solar Energy Policy Initiatives Worldwide, 2012, ISBN 978-81-922781-0-0, CESPA, Thiruvananthapuram - eds Binu Parthan and Ramadas Harikumar;
All the publications are available on request and please contact